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VGE wants you to be satisfied with your new equipment purchase. VGE / VISION products are warranted to be without defect in workmanship or materials for a period of one year from the date of purchase. Proof of a date of purchase is required when requesting warranty service. The warranty registration card which is furnished with this product should be returned immediately to provide evidence

of purchase and to assure receipt of important notices regarding your VGE / VISION equipment and related services. In the event of a defect as defined above, VGE shall, at its option, either repair or replace the product under warranty free of charge to the purchaser, provided that:


1. The warranty is limited to the original purchaser and is not assignable.


2. As a condition to obtaining warranty services, purchaser must at their own expense deliver the product to VGE’s facility in Tullamarine, Victoria, Australia. If purchaser returns a model that is no longer in stock, VGE reserves the option to replace that unit with another model with comparable capabilities. VGE may choose the carrier for return of the unit. The purchaser may request an alternative method of return shipment but all charges will be payable by the purchaser.


3. This warranty is void if your VGE / VISION product:

a) has not been operated in accordance with all procedures described in the operating instructions;

b) has been serviced, adapted or modified without written approval by VGE; or

c) is improperly installed, used, or otherwise damaged (including without limitation any damage by natural

   disaster or lightning, fire, smoke, water, vehicle accident or road crash).


4. There is no warranty coverage for any of the following:

a) costs of removing or reinstalling the product when submitted for warranty service;

b) incidental, consequential or exemplary damages arising from any defect or failure of the product

   (except to the extent that applicable state law may not allow exclusions or limitations on such damages,

   in which case this exclusion may not apply to you);

c) any non-performance of the product due to inadequate or improper installation;

d) normal wear and tear on the product.




6. This limited warranty contains the complete obligations of VGE to purchaser in connection with this product, and it shall supersede all previous oral or written statements or agreements concerning such obligations. This warranty may only be amended in writing signed by an authorized officer of VGE.


7. After expiration of the warranty herein, VGE may continue to offer repair services to keep your equipment operational. Please inquire for charges for such services.


Return Procedure

Before returning any equipment to VGE, we recommend that you use our troubleshooting guides to determine if the equipment is at fault. In the event of a defect in your VGE / VISION equipment, you must immediately contact VGE for technical service. We have knowledgeable staff that can assist with troubleshooting and determine if your product must be returned to the factory for repairs. For the most efficient service possible, we suggest that you contact VGE.


1. Contact VGE via phone, fax or email and provide the following information:

a) Product and serial number

b) Date and place of purchase

c) Your contact information including name, address and phone number or email

d) Nature of the failure or fault


2. If your equipment must be returned, VGE will issue you an RA (Return Authority) number scheduling the repair of your unit. Products under warranty will be repaired at no charge (operated in accordance with all procedures described in the operating instructions). Products out of warranty are subject to a servicing fee which will cover all parts and labor for necessary repairs, upgrades and refurbishments. Some products may require more extensive repairs and/or board replacement. All out of warranty products will be officially quoted. The extent of the repairs required can only be determined once the equipment reaches the factory. Out of warranty equipment will not be repaired until quotations have been accepted. A flat quotation fee of $25.00 plus GST will be payable for all out of warranty products that have the quotation repair declined. All VGE / VISION products returned for warranty, that are diagnosed as NO FAULT FOUND a fee of $35.00 plus GST will be incurred. Repair time will be quoted to you when your RA is issued, standard turnaround is typically 3-5 working days.


3. Returning your equipment to VGE. Once you have been issued an RA, return the equipment to VGE via your preferred method and at your own expense. Make sure the equipment is well packed as further damages can occur in shipping and VGE will not be responsible for such damages. All RA’s issued will be valid for 14 days. Any products not returned within 14

days will have the corresponding RA cancelled and a new RA will need to be issued to have the product returned. VGE will fax or email you an addressing label to attach to the box when returning products for repairs.

Address label sample that needs to be attached to the parcel.



94 Lambeck Drive

Tullamarine Victoria 3043



IMPORTANT: Equipment returned without a return authorization number will be rejected upon

                       receipt. VGE will not be responsible for such equipment.


Replacement Equipment

Equipment returned under warranty may be replaced at the discretion of VGE.


Repair / Quotation Fee Rates and Charges

Labour Charge: Hourly Rate is charged at $35.00 plus GST per hour.

                             Minimum labour charge is 1.0 hours with additional labour is charged in 30 minutes


Quotation Fee:   $25.00 plus GST payable if quotation is declined.

                             If the repair quotation is accepted then the quotation fee will waived.


Stock Return Policy

All VGE products are sold with the understanding that the purchaser has determined the product to be appropriate for the application prior to the time of purchase. If you are in anyway unsatisfied with your order, please contact VGE within 7 days from receiving the product and speak to one of our customer service representatives. If the VGE representative accepts the goods to be returned, they will then issue you a Return Authority number. All freight charges incurred to have the goods returned to VGE will be at the expense of the customer. Credit claims for products being returned due to the product not being required or incorrectly ordered may incur a 15% restocking fee and is at the discretion of VGE. VGE will not accept returns of SPECIAL ORDER items.

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